Today I played old Mario games and angry birds.

I sat outside with mommy on the fire escape our house is small so this is where we go for peace.  I just discovered that I love Adele today! I think her In the Deep video looks like our fire escape .  We took some picture of what it would look like if there was a real fire and we had to run up to the roof to be rescued because the fire started in the boiler room.

I did a trial of how to escape and it was pretty cool because my mom let me see what it was like to escape and get on the roof.   I climbed all the way up! I felt like spider man climbing the wall with super hero powers.


A Cool Toms Giveaway

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 Fabulously Awesome Tom’s Give away! My first give away will be a size 1.5 pair of Tom’s     shoes in golden rod corduroy this is a very cool color and it is pretty hard to find unless     you order them from the Toms web site. They are unisex! So the contest begins now and     ends October the 2nd 2011.

This is all that you have to do

1. Leave a comment on this blog on any of the posts.

2. Leave a comment on my brother Mohammed’s blog

3. Leave a comment on my mom’s blog

4. Tell us why you would like to get the shoes for example that they would be for.

5. Finally tell us why you think the Tom’s idea was a good one.

This contest is open to everyone, friends, blog readers, teachers, family and whoever else wants the Toms and has a little one to give them too. I will ship international no problem at all. This is my mom’s idea to have fun!

Origami  Is my favorite. Today I made three birds , a red one , a pink one and a purple one. I have a book about origami and my Aunt helps me make them. My sister and brother and I played with our birds  with our army men and neo Blythe dolls. It was cool ! One bird flew around the world looking for war.

A bottle and a hand sanitizer

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The bottle is Izze in Clementine Orange and my hand sanitizer is Green apple called friend me.

It cost $1.50 and I made a statue with them both because I was bored. I want to play Street Fighter but I am grounded until next weekend.